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Eric Stepniewski’s products are a hand crafted masterpieces made by artists and specialists of brass casters and gilt craftsmen.

They are working with passion since many years and their knowledge is also taught by them to younger colleagues which are learning while working with them. This tradition assures the high level of the products quality.

Eric Stepniewski’s adventure with bronze started in 1973 year in France (Paris) where he worked as an antique dealer. Then he takes over a galvanize and antiques restoration factory (“Bettencourt s.a.”).

In 1989 year he decided to move to Poland, the country land of his parents, and cultivate his passion, which were antiques. He created a workshop, which kept expanding every year.

The most respected museums such as the Wilanów castle museum, the Royal Castle museum and the Archidiecezji museum (church museum) hired him to preserve their most precious pieces, allowing him to make replicas of chosen objects in exchange. In this way, and also by designing his own pieces he collected an impressive collection.

Throughout the years he became a well renowned curator. Amongst others he created pieces ordered by the government to the Presidential Palace.

He will be please to advise and help you.

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