Eric Stepniewski

Eric Stepniewski’s products are a hand crafted masterpieces made by artists and specialists of brass casters and gilt craftsmen.

They are working with passion since many years and their knowledge is also taught by them to younger colleagues which are learning while working with them. This tradition assures the high level of the products quality.

Bronze Collection

Our products can be seen in various places around the world. In museums, state institutions and private collections.

Our Factory

During production, we pay attention to details. Each product is made by the best specialists in their field. We can make a special product especially for you.


Michael Jackson shopping in
Las Vegas

All the items are inspired from the most world’s famous museum ( Hermitage – Russia ; Museum Orsay – France ; Metropolitan museum –New York ; Royal castle – Poland ; a.s.o. ). They are made by specialist workers formed to work as all was done in the 18 th and 19 th century. Every square centimetre of brass is engraved and guilt with 24 cts gold. Our items have been acquired by famous people all over the world : Royal Family of several countries, business men, show business.

our products